Melbourne Film Studio

Our History

Melbourne Film Studio (MFS) is a vibrant and creative Australian film company, originally founded under the name Enigmatic Pictures. The film company was founded in Melbourne, Australia in June 2016 by director, writer, producer Aaron Mak.

Under Enigmatic Pictures the company had immediate success producing award-winning short films, namely:  “Coffee Run” (2016, comedy) starring Josh Mak, (winner of “Astonishing Cinematography Award”); “Joke’s on You” (2015, thriller/fan-film) starring Aaron Mak and James Walker, (winner of the “Outstanding Production Design Award”); “House Sitting” (2016, horror) starring Ashleigh Gray (2nd prize winner); and in 2017 the educational short/comedy “Legal Ethics: A Closer Look at Conflict of Interest“, starring Ajay Bhalla and Aaron Mak.

In August 2017 Enigmatic Pictures relaunched as Melbourne Film Studio (MFS). Aaron Mak serves as CEO Creative Director of MFS and Josh Mak continued working as Creative Director.

Board of Directors

Aaron Mak – Founder & CEO

Aaron Mak (director, writer, producer, actor)

Josh Mak – Creative Director

Josh Mak ( Cynation singer & guitarist, songwriter, actor)

Josh Mak started his career as a professional actor in Melbourne under JR Management. He is also the co-founder, vocalist and guitarist of the popular rock band Cynation. In addition to his work with Cynation, Josh Mak is attending the New Faces Talent Academy (NFTA) in Melbourne for acting and modeling. Josh appeared in the short film “Coffee Run” directed by Aaron Mak and is also the actor, writer and co-director of “Pandora’s Box” trailer.

Josh is the winner of the Creative Writing Awards competition. Josh Mak performed in the NFTA (New Faces Talent Academy) Showcase April 2017 in Melbourne and is the second-place winner in Commercial and third-place winner in Monologue, Modeling and Best Overall. Josh has been accepted to perform at the 2017 AUSCAAS (International Talent Showcase) at Crown Casino in December…read more