House Sitting

Horror Short Film

House Sitting, 2016, horror short film; Submitted into the Monash University Student Theatre (MUST) Phone It In Film Festival; Won the 2nd place prize.

Title: House Sitting (2016), Short Film/ Horror
Cast: Ashleigh Gray, Aaron Mak, Taylor Gray (cameo)
Director/Writer: Aaron Mak
Where it was shot: Doncaster East, Victoria

Synopsis: A house sitter has been called to mind the house of a couple who have gone off for holiday. However, the house sitter gets woken up in the night and gradually realizes that there’s something awfully strange about this house – and that she’s not alone.

What the film is about: This film explores the ideas of how one can effectively approach the horror genre. A key defining factor about the short film is the way in which it uses suspense rather than cheap jump-scares.

People of mention:

  • Ashleigh Gray (Actor) – Very pleasant, easy to work with, and was just such a perfect fit for the role. Demonstrated great versatility in her ability to play a younger character (despite being quite a mature individual), where her innocence and naiveté came to the forefront of her performance.
  • Emma Schnell (MUA) – The makeup work done by Emma for this project was truly outstanding – she not only delivered on co-designing the visual look of myself, as the ‘ghost’, but also assisted in the principal photography progress (flicking light switches and pushing doors open).
  • Ajay Bhalla (Cameraman, Director’s assistant) – Ajay is a good friend of mine who has been an incredible assistant on set – not just for this project, but future projects too. What makes our collaboration special is that Ajay has been my best friend since we began high school together in 2008.
  • Director’s Notes: – A very fun (and small) cast and crew for this project, and although it was meant to be a suspenseful horror short film, we actually had a lot of fun in the filming process. Actually, we had enough fun to put together an entertaining Blooper reel/BtS video. (Aaron Mak)