Joke’s On You

Thriller short film, Joke’s On You, received the “Outstanding Production Design Award” at the 2015 Monash University Student Theatre’s (MUST) Phone It In Film Festival, Melbourne.

Title: Joke’s On You (2015), Short film /Thriller, Fan-film

Cast: Aaron Mak, James Walker

Director/Writer: Aaron Mak

Where it was shot: Doncaster East, Victoria

Synopsis: (DC Fan-film) Robin has been kidnapped by the Joker, and is being interrogated in order to find the location of Batman. When Robin can’t remember where he is, the Joker begins a devilish monologue – specifically one sourced from Alan Moore’s graphic novel, Batman: The Killing Joke – intending to intimidate and traumatize the young, vulnerable Robin. Pushing the dark knight’s young ward to his limit, he reassures him, only to signify with a spine-chilling laugh – the real torture begins now.

What the film is about: This was primarily an attempt at performing a challenging role, and to structure the film so that the character generates a substantial impact with a minimal amount of time.

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